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Pippi is one of only 5 Rottweilers in AKC History to have earned an OTCH3

2023, 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Obedience Invitee

#1 Rottweiler in AKC and ARC OBEDIENCE - 2019

#1 Working Group and Top Rottweiler - 2020 AKC National Obedience Championship


OTCH3 SilverHeart's StoryBook UDX8, OGM, RE, TKA, TT, CGC, FFX-O

#1 Working Group • 2020 National Obedience Championship

#1 Rottweiler • 2020 National Obedience Championship

#1 Open, #2 Utility, #3 AKC - 2020

2019 Top 100 Obedience Dog (All Breed) • Front and Finish 
#1 Utility and Open • 2019 American Rottweiler Club

#1 Utility, #3 Open •  2018 American Rottweiler Club

Top Ten Obedience in Utility, Open & Novice: 2017, 2016 • American Rottweiler Club

18  High in Trial • All Breed

16 High Combined • All Breed

17 High Score • Working Group 

2 High in Trial • Rottweiler 

OFA Hips-Good | Elbows - Normal | Cardiac - Normal | CERF-Normal

Owned by Patti Rovtar, CA


OTCH2 SilverHeart's StoryBook  UDX5, OM7, RE, TKA, TT, CGC, FFX-O

2020 Top Rottweiler and #1 Working Group - AKC National Obedience Championship

2020 and 2019  Pre-qualifier Westminster Master’s Obedience Championship

2019 Invitee AKC National Obedience Championship


2018 Invitee AKC National Obedience Classic Master’s & Utility

2018 Featured in Front & Finish Profile 200


2017 High in Trial American Rottweiler Club National Specialty

2017 Invitee AKC National Obedience Classic Utility

2017 Invitee AKC Rally Excellent National Championship

2017 ARC Top Ten Obedience Open & Utility

2017 Invitee AKC Rally National Championship Rally Excellent


2016 ARC Top Ten Obedience Novice
2016 Invitee AKC Rally National Championship Rally Advanced

Pippi is the red-collared pup from my Luna x Duke breeding.

AKA:  The L'il Red Corvette!
She came by her puppy nickname honestly - she was one speedy and agile pup!
Always the one who did things first, she loved exploring and chasing whatever was moving.
I had to keep an extra close eye on her, that is when she wasn't bringing me things she found.

Pippi, "The Thing Finder" 

Patti and Pippi's main game is AKC Obedience.
An extremely accomplished and versatile trainer, Patti stays busy in just about anything dog sport oriented.

I am grateful to my longtime friend Patti for giving Pippi such a wonderful, accomplished and STORIED life. 

Pippi and Patti traveled to the

2019 American Rottweiler Club National Specialty in April, 2019. 
Pippi, in fine form, earned her OTCH with a

High in Trial and High Combined. 

They earned a treasure trove of loot,

and these prestigious awards.

Standing as the 2018: 

#1 Utility Dog -  American Rottweiler Club

#3 Open Dog - American Rottweiler Club

OTCH2 SilverHeart's StoryBook   UDX4, OM7, RE, TKA, TT, CGC, FFX-O

Pippi's Obedience Gallery

Pippi's Photo Gallery

Pippi and Patti photoshoot | March 2021 | Photography by Dorna Brown

Pippi's Puppy Gallery

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