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SilverHeart's I Love Lucy, CGC-A

Owned by Celia Fuller, TX
Co-Owned with Catherine O'Donnell


Lucy is the purple collared pup from my LunaBella x Duke litter.  AKA: PurpleHeart. 
Lucy grabbed our hearts the instant she was born.
She was the smallest pup born. What she then lacked in size, she more than made up for in heart!
 True to the adage, don't judge a pup on size, Lucy has grown up to be one largest of the girls.

Lucy has grown up to be very much like her Dam, and human Mother:

Versatile, Dedicated, Loving and Reliable.

Lucy lives a big life north of Dallas with Celia, John and their 5 canine companions. 
I'm honored to have such a family in SilverHeart Rottweilers. 


Lucy's Photo Gallery

Lucy's Puppy Gallery

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