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Man In Black of Olympus Walk


Cash was my first Rottweiler, my best friend, my heart dog. Cash is the reason I became so passionate about training.

Because of him I am a better owner & trainer than I ever could have imagined. 
He taught me to be a fair, consistent, benevolent human companion and leader.  Cash constantly asked me
to raise my high bar and
 taught me infinitely more than I ever taught him. 

Together Cash and I titled and placed at every Obedience and Rally Trial we've competed in.
Cash earned his CD Title (Companion Dog) with very impressive 1st, 2nd & 3rd placements.
My "Novice A" dog! 


Cash not only got to boast that he was an accomplished obedience dog, he was also a Registered Therapy Dog.
Taking great pride in reminding me to be on my game every day and to always have fun,

Cash works tirelessly and honorably as my Training Ambassador.  

I lost Cash suddenly in August of 2013 to hemangiosarcoma.
He lived a full, happy and storied life, and changed mine forever.  
Cash had friends all over the country and developed quite a following in his lifetime.
He is very proudly listed as a Circle 2000 dog with the Rottweiler Health Foundation. 

The RHF's Circle 2000 Registry requires a dog to raise $2000 in funds.
100% of those proceeds go to the Foundation for the improvement of the Rottweiler Heath.
I am honored and thank my friends who donated to RHF in his name. 


I love you Cash. I always will. You are my heart. 

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