CH SilverHeart's Pink Cashmere, TKN, CGC


2019  American Rottweiler Club National Specialty - Placement  

Bred and owned by Catherine O'Donnell

OFA Hips - Good

 OFA Elbows - Normal

OFA Heart (Echo) - Normal

OFA Eyes - Normal 

JLPP - Normal/Clear

CHIC # 149701 (all passing)



Meet "Paisley" She is the pink collared puppy from my Prince-themed litter out of  Moonshine and by Tuff


Paisley is a beautiful, funny, fun, active, and kind dog.  She is even-keeled about anything I've asked of her.  
She bears all of the positives from this breeding I was aiming for. 

A proper breeder should strive for bettering health clearances, maintaining balanced temperaments, without compromising structure or workability.

Paisley is a realization of everything I've worked hard for; fantastic temperament, complete and improved health clearances, and versatility of work ethic. 


  At the tender age of just one year, Sarah Janner presented Paisley for a placement at 2019 ARC National,

and, to her AKC Championship within 3 months.  Sarah is unparalleled. 

I will always remain grateful to Sarah and proud that she was at the helm of this chapter in Paisley's life. 


I've loved Prince's music since 1982. Paisley's name is in honor of the song, Pink Cashmere.

Her call name hails Prince's home/studio "Paisley Park"  ("Paisley") in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Apropos of all of my dogs,  Paisley has a long line of friends who adore her...

no one more so than her GodMother,  Julie. 💜



Paisley's Puppy Photo Gallery

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